Learn How to do Crochet Colorwork with the Crochet Colorwork Playbook!

Have you ever wanted to learn crochet colorwork, but don’t know where to begin? It can seem so intimidating when you’re first starting to learn. I was scared of colorwork for years before I started doing it.

 The thought of weaving in ends, avoiding tangles, changing colors, and everything else involved had me staying away. Then I tried it, and now I love it! Well, if you’ve ever been there, have I got the resource for you! Introducing, the Crochet Colorwork Playbook!

The Crochet Colorwork Playbook was designed for crocheters wanting to learn crochet colorwork to help take away the fear and replace it with confidence in doing colorwork! From how to do tapestry, intarsia, and fair isle crochet, all the way to how to switch colors or keep yarn from tangling, this resource has it all.

Some of the techniques it teaches include:

- How to Change Colors

- How to Weave in Ends With as Few as Possible

- How to Avoid Tangling

- Tapestry, Intarsia, and Fair Isle Crochet

- How to Design Charts

And so much more!

Within the ebook, you’ll find one to two page crochet cheat sheets that teach you each technique for easy reference. Each page includes lots of photo tutorials, and instructive text to walk you through the different parts of colorwork.

Today’s price: $30 $18

If you learn better with videos, I’ve also included an option that includes video tutorials that demonstrate the main techniques in the ebook. Each video ties to one of the pages within the ebook, and walks you through each step. 

Today’s price: $50 $30

If you’re wondering if this ebook is right for you, its designed for: 

- Crocheters who want to learn colorwork. 

- Crocheters who are intimidated by colorwork, and want simple and applicable lessons to help them do colorwork confidently. 

- Crocheters who want to learn something new!

If this sounds like you, then you are going to love this product!

So let’s dive right in, and I’ll be your guide through the wonderful world of crochet colorwork! 

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